[Official] Pan Card Status - Know your PAN (UTI/ NSDL) Card Status

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Pan Card Status - Know your PAN (UTI/ NSDL) Card Status

Pan card is basically an identity proof made of plastic and the document is must to commence the commercial transactions. In banks also it is made clear for the need of Pan a card on making transactions of certain amount and above. The important part of the pan card is the 10 digit alpha numeric code that is granted to one particular person by the Income Tax department of India. It is an individual identity of a person and shows that he/she is eligible to make commercial transactions. The pan card is valid across the country and the best part is that it remains unaffected if there are changes in the address within the country. Change in the address does not matter. This is a sheer advantage and huge number of people opts for applying the pan card.

It is compulsory to hold a Pan card. The services gets easy and also these days, it is made mandatory to present as an identity proof if you are opening a new account or applying for credit cards or taking phone connections and more. It serves as a solid identity proof you carry within the country.

Advantages of holding a Pan card:

  • It gets easy to make the transactions and investment in securities that exceeds the amount of Rs 50,000.
  • Pan card also is needed when a sale/purchase of a four wheeler vehicle is done. 
  • It also helps to file the income tax returns easily along with paying the direct taxes.
  • Also, the rate of deduction of tax can be avoided.
  • If you are looking to make a sale/purchase of a fixed asset above the amount 5 lakhs, pan card is must and a specific type of transaction can be made.
  • Apart from these, it also benefits to do the bank deposits in one particular bank in 24 hours if the amount is more than Rs 50,000.

How to apply Pan Card? (Check How to Apply Guide)

After knowing the importance of holding a Pan card, one would look for having it. The procedure is made easy and the candidate should apply for a Pan Card. To do so, the Pan Card application form is made available on the official websites of NSDL and UTI. Candidates are suggested to go to the official websites and look for the Pan Card office details in your city and region or look for the UIT offices located in your region or can also look for the NSDL offices.

Once found the location as required, you can get the Pan Card forms. Form 49 A is the basic requirement for applying for a new Pan Card for the Indian citizens. And Form 49AA is available for foreign citizens. Once after following the procedure, you can done with the application process. One can also go with the correction if any needed on the Pan Card and the option to get a new pan card is also made available online. The candidate can fill up the form online and then later track the Pan Card status online.

How to track the status of Pan Card?

After the application process is completed, you can track your Pan Card status online. You need not be worried any more to keep thinking to when will the card come. All the information can be made aware online. There are several methods to track the Pan Card status. The web portals of NSDL and UTI are made available and you can also track at e-Mudhra Portal.

It is now made easy using the advanced technology online to track the status. The services are made easy and moderate. Apart from this, the correction form applied status can also be tracked. The official website is www.myutiitsl.com Duplicate pan card status can also be tracked further.

Track Pan Card under UTI portal:

  • First thing to do is go to the official UTI Pan Status page and the portal takes you to the Tracking app.
  • Then, select out of new application F49 A, Form 49 AA and CSF. If you are applying for the first time then select the option New Application F 49 A. if you are looking for the duplicate card status or looking for some corrections is the old one, and then go for CSF.
  • After making the selection, you will be asked to enter the 15 digit number and mention the number and click on the submit button.
Hence, you will get to do the status of your Pan card using the UTI portal.

Track Pan Card status using NSDL portal:

  • Go on the official website of( NSDL WEBSITE)  NSDL and search the option for which you are looking to track the status. It is important to select the type you are looking for.
  • Once done, you are asked to enter the 15 digit number in the field and make sure you enter the correct details.
  • Later, the page asks you to give details like the name and date of birth and enter them and then submit the page.
  • The Pan Card status information appears on the page and you can know the details. 

If this method is used to track the status, one can only track after 7 days of application. The portal makes easy for the recipients to track the status and be aware of the details.

Track Pan Card status at e-Mudhra and Samanta

The other method to track the status is through e-Mudhra Consumer Services Limited and Samanta Communications Pvt.Ltd. recipients can know the details of online applications. The portals are made available by the Income Tax department to track the status of the Pan Card. E-Mudhra and Samantha portals are made avaible @ ThePANCArd.com.


Hence, one can choose any method mentioned and can track the status on the Pan Card online. The Permanent Account Number is must to know for an individual to make commercial transactions and can be presented as an Identity card with in India.